Randi’s Early Years

Randi’s Early Years



Randi’s Childhood

Born in Portland, Ore., as the fifth daughter in a row, Randi had to hold on tight as she joined a large, athletic, outdoorsy family already in full motion. Her upbringing instilled a unique mix: part deep-rooted commitment to self-reliance and part fierce commitment to family. Like her sisters, she attended Riverdale Grade School, where her parents ran the ski school program.


Randi in High School and College

After graduating from Lake Oswego High School, her instinctive style and effortless, subtle nonconformity attracted attention. On August 21, 1977, The Oregonian photographed Randi for a solo profile on her confident fall fashion choices as a rising freshman: “[She] usually goes light on accessories, relying on pierced earrings to compliment her clothes and long, blonde hair. ‘I know a lot of girls are getting their hair cut now, but I’m going to keep mine long. I like it better that way,’ she said.” On being the first to choose the University of Washington, even when her close sisters and friends chose to stay in Oregon, Randi told the paper: “I wanted to do something different and have the challenge of meeting new people.”

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Randi’s Wedding 1983

Randi married Michael and Alec’s father, John Durkheimer, in 1983.


Randi’s Early Adventures


Randi Young Mom